About Us

Hi, I'm Olle

Go To person

and entrepreneur


After years of working as executive in startups as well as large corporations, I decided it was time to go into business for myself.

Now I use my skills and business knowledge to guide others to find entrepreneurial freedom,  mostly in the tech industry.

Well, It's not about me. We are better together. You, my team and me in collaboration.

We are LearningLab, well the name says it.

Working with growth mindset and modern ways of problem solving. 

When you grow, we grow. 

/Olle Leckne also known as the LinkedIn expert

We are the Go To market agency with export services (based on a network of experts and partner companies).

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We are a group of passionate and fun professionals eager to share our knowledge of creating great customer experiences. You will be surprised finding out how Go To Market Strategies can be the best thing ever happened to businesses in the tech industry.

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Why learning for change?


Many people ask why I would leave my own successful tech business to teach others. Simple! I want to share the freedom and fulfillment of working for myself with as many people as possible. 

Working in a world that is bringing new opportunities and change every day.

We are learning for change by being agile, experimenting, tracking, measuring and optimizing.

Implementing improvements and showing the positive results. Celebrating progress. 

Technology is a necessary part of modern life, and it isn’t going away. If you are interested in tech, you can run your own successful business in this competitive space, and we will show you how!