Cultural differences - Latvia vs Sweden

culture and values latvia Dec 22, 2022

Latvian and Swedish business practices have many cultural differences.

Perhaps you will recognise yourself in observing some of these behaviours:

In Latvia, business relationships are based on personal connections, while in Sweden, business relationships are based on trust and professionalism.

Latvian business culture is more formal and hierarchical than Swedish business culture, which is more relaxed and egalitarian.

Latvian businesses also tend to be more conservative and risk-averse than Swedish businesses, which are more open to innovation and risk-taking.

Other cultural differences between Latvian and Swedish business practices include the way meetings are conducted, the importance of punctuality, the use of language, and the way negotiations are handled.

Latvians also tend to be more direct in their communication style, while Swedes are more indirect.

Latvians also place a greater emphasis on politeness and respect, while Swedes are more informal and casual. 

Understanding cultural differences can take time, but it's worth the the effort!

Business intelligence is essential when preparing for a Go To Market Strategy.

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