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ecosystem Feb 19, 2022

Explore the Sweden Tech Ecosystem

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Who: For founders, owners, entrepreneurs, marketing and sales and other people involved in the Go To Market Evaluation and Strategy work

What: When you would like to make an informed decision about Market Entry, Market Expansion and Sales Acceleration. Then it's a good idea to gather business intelligence about the market and country you are looking at and compare.  

When evaluating which market would be most interesting you will find valuable resources and online courses in this site.

Even when you have clear criteria for your decision making, you might find new info that will give you an even better match. Establishing your business and reaching your target market is a long term effort.


Help available: Business intelligence, questions and answers, solutions and success cases, reports and data as well as personal guidance and advisory. 

HOW WE CAN HELP: We help international companies seeking to invest and expand in Sweden, a stable and highly dynamic economy.  You can use Swedish companies and Sweden as a formidable platform for Market Expansion and to grow their business internationally.

LearningLab offers strategic advice, practical support, market insights and an extensive business network. Easily accessible online course, memberships and subscriptions.

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Business intelligence is essential when preparing for a Go To Market Strategy.

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