Are you making the Greatest BUSINESS DECISION ever?

decision making Jun 08, 2022

Well, you are probably considering entering a new market.

That is a big decision.

I just did.

My big decision is to Go to a New Market.

In the video I share part of the Go To Market Strategy, which gives me access to the target group selected, and the progress so far. 

What is your big decision? 

Tell me more and Let's discuss if it's about Going to Sweden.  

If you want to be inspired, I have a few great decisions and the impact.

Well, if you would like to have some well known examples, there is a book.

The book is good. 

My favorite since the book Good To Great came, is Jim Collins.

More recently, I read Verne Harnish book Scaleup. 

Both contribute by inspiring stories making people take Their greatest business decision of all time.

That changed the course of business. It doesn't have to radical. Even though it often involves risks. 

Well, books and stories are good.

But in the real world execution is king.

I can offer a second opinion on the your Go To market Strategy.

Which can make a big difference.

Business intelligence is essential when preparing for a Go To Market Strategy.

Let's discuss your situation

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