Sweden ecosystem report

ecosystem Feb 18, 2022

Key take aways from the recent Sweden Ecosystem report

Sweden is a vibrant startup ecosystem, with the 5th largest pool of potential future unicorns in Europe.

Evaluation of Sweden as a Go To Market

Reports about Ecosystems can be of interest to companies considering Market Entry Sweden. When comparing countries to export to.

This recent report shows that Sweden is one of Europe's leading innovation hubs.

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Collaboration is a key for a thriving ecosystem - Tonje Örnholt, Growth & Funding manager Oslo Business region

“We believe in close partnership across the Nordic borders to work on challenges and opportunities we have in common.”

“Collaboration is the key to putting the Nordics on the international startup scene. Through networks, discussion arenas, events, and Dealroom reports, we collaborate to track the development in the Nordics and to share insight and opportunities to the international market. Leading the way in the world with sustainability, diversity and impact as the core of future businesses, thus the interest in the Nordics is increasing at a rapid speed.”

2021 was a record year for Swedenʼs tech ecosystem

Swedish startups raised a record €7.8B in 2021, up 2.4x on 2020 levels. This growth has been driven by late-stage funding rounds, which accounted for 70% of all funding.

Sweden is one of Europe's key innovation hubs

Home to IKEA, Ericsson, H&M, Volvo, and many more, Sweden has produced some of the worldʼs most recognized companies. Beyond the old glories, Sweden is a fertile breeding ground for new tech unicorns. To date, Sweden has produced 35 unicorns, up from 9 just five years earlier - a 3.9x increase.

Sweden leads Europeʼs growth in impact-focused startup innovation

In 2021, Swedish impact startups raised over half of the country venture capital funding. On the European level, Sweden leads by venture capital invested in impact startups.

Sources: Business Sweden, The Swedish Institute, Swedish Agency for Economical  and Regional Growth, Startup Sweden, Vinnova and Dealroom.co

Business intelligence is essential when preparing for a Go To Market Strategy.

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