Sweden imports from Europe

sweden Sep 02, 2022
Sweden import

80% of Sweden import comes from Europe

When it comes to the import of goods, over 80 percent of it comes from countries in Europe.

Above all, we import a lot from Germany, Norway, the Netherlands and Denmark.

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Sweden import volume 2021: 2 270 billion SEK.

Sweden exports more than import

Since the mid-1980's, Sweden has imported goods and services for a smaller value than what we have exported, something that is clearly visible in the diagram showing our exports and imports. This means that we earn more from exports than we pay for imports.

The difference contributes to the gross domestic product (GDP) increasing, and the Swedish economy growing. It is called that we have a positive current account balance.

Source SCB 

Sweden top internal trade is with following countries

Norway, Germany, USA, Denmark, Finland, UK, Netherlands, China, France, Poland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Japan, Russia, Turkey, Switzerland, Austria, South Korea, Czech, Republic, Australia, Estonia, Lithuania, India, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Brazil, Portugal, Egypt, Hungary, South Africa, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Taiwan, Thailand, Latvia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania, Greece, Iceland, Chile, Malaysia, Indonesia, Qatar, Israel, Hong Kong and Others.

Note that Lithuania and Estonia export more to Sweden than bigger countries like Canada and India. 

Source ekonomifakta

Sweden top import - Goods

Translation: Vehicles for roads 169, Mineral oils 134, Other electrical machines and devices 114, Telephone, radio, TV sets, gramophones, tape recorders, etc. 94, Other non-electrical machines and appliances 85, Other finished goods 60, Iron and steel 60, Works of metal 54, Office machines and ADB machines 54, Clothing 53

Source Foreign trade goods SCB

Sweden top import - Services

Translation; Other business services 256, Travel 72, Transportation 86, Telecom, data and information services 106, Use of intellectual property rights 91

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