What can an exporter learn from a seasoned entrepreneur

Sep 07, 2022

Capitalising on curiousity, network and experience that comes with age

Carl Magnus started his venture at the age of 64. This should stand as a major role model and inspiration for many of us.

He is still ambitions and curious. He has great experiences and a great international network. And he has the humbleness to complement himself with a diverse group of leaders that can contribute to a great and important venture. His view is that it is best to be a diverse group that bring different strengths to the table.

The mission for Volta Trucks is inspiring and his link to Business as a Force for good is simple;  “The more successful we are the more good we are doing” 

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Exploring Leader in a #Digitalfirst world – Carl Magnus Norden

On our quest to highlight inspiring leaders embracing the digital world, we share interviews with curious and brave leaders. We believe it is important to take inspiration from some of the more proactive digital leaders, to understand more of their personal journey and get access to some of their insights.

Our leader this time is Carl Magnus Norden. Carl Magnus is a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of the disruptive venture Volta Trucks and also the President of Swedish INSEAD Alumni Association.

Carl Magnus believes that the world needs more engaged entrepreneurs that is establishing new businesses to change our world for the better. 

He believes that you have different strengths at different ages, and that its the originality of the idea, closeness to customer need and the mix of the team that makes the difference.

Business intelligence is essential when preparing for a Go To Market Strategy.

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