Case Learning online

Learning online

Adapting to solely learning online during this difficult time can be a big challenge for many.

When done right, with involvement, sharing and positive feedback, we come together to share experiences and best practices.

Combining online learning with Case teaching online may provide some challenges.

With online live support and resources you can move forward to have the most positive learning experience ever.

One of the benefits of the case method is its ability to engage the particpants. This naturally increases the interactivity of online sessions.

Business intelligence

You have experienced it already. The time to keep up to date is increasing.  Already taking hours every day. Upgrading your business intelligence skills are necessary, in order to to stay competitive. 

Knowledge explosion

Everything that can be digitalized, will be. 

Earlier knowledge was difficult to get. Much of the knowledge is now available and easily accessible.  

The game is therefore about turning knowledge, skills and technology into desired results. 

The supertrends actually tell that you will (or actually your brain) not be able to store and process all the new input required. You will have to learn together with others to cope in this knowledge explosion. 


Case Learning

Cases describe real-life business situations usually involving a tricky challenge or decision being faced by the case protagonist.

The context of real-life decision-making makes it learning very practical.

Participants get new ideas, learn business and management theory,  develop professional and life skills. Valuable insights  including negotiation, analysis, defending and challenging viewpoints, in teams as well as working alone. 

Developing the ability to guard against making decisions based on too little information. 

Harvard Business School is known for success with Business Cases.