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You have a vision and growth mindset.

Your company is established in one country.

Good job!

You are now looking to export your products to another country. 

We help your company get ready and well prepared. 

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With focus on the needs when exporting to Sweden. We show how to benefit. By using online courses and membership to prepare and execute faster with less risk.

To establish one (your) company with one product in one country is a great achievement. 

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Get Ready

Get a readiness assessment. Identify risks, resources and viability. Gives you a good start

Market Entry

Using digital to support market entry. Good to evaluate the success prior to employment etc.

Market Expansion

Growth based on the right partners, recruitment and joint ventures. Good to track and optimize. 

Go To Questions Answered

Feeling comfortable by getting your hands around "I need to set up a local sales team, but where do I start." "I struggle to find local partners, what can I do?"  "How will I deliver my goods?" "How do I get paid?" Etc

We also provide answers, to questions "You don't know ,that you don't know" But we do.  

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Picture this: You have arrived at a succesful lauch in the new market.

What does it look like...

Enjoy the good feeling as you have reached your Go Market Goals. 

Keep that feeling in everyday manifestation. 

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You have the passion, talent and motivation. We have the know-how and local network. 

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