Sales by trusted relations 

Selling socially in the LinkedIn network


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Business is human to human. When practising social skills your social selling score will improve. It’s an early indication of increased sales.


When you “stop selling” you sell more by helping the customer buy. Actually the lifetime value of customers buying from you is better than you selling to them.

Leverage the network

When becoming “top-of-mind”, for the value you add, the number of incoming requests from your network will increase.

Search and find the right prospects and clients

LinkedIn advanced search reach 78% of C-level executives. 

LinkedIn as sales tool gives you new customers.

With LinkedIn you can book new meetings effortlessly.

Learn new skills and influence buyers at an early stage!

Buyers don't wait to be contacted by sales people to get to know new products and services.

Buyers use social media to explore relevant solutions to their needs and check recommendations from peers in the network prior to purchase.

You can start Social selling today

Social selling consist of four skills that improves relationships and trust in your network. Celebrate progress every week with Social selling score.

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